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Contents include:

Scotland’s Coldest Case
Rebecca Batley reviews the notorious mistrial of Oscar Slater, and asks: Who killed Marion Gilchrist?

Never World
Drew Gray provides extracts from his latest book, offering a fascinating glimpse into the everyday lives of Victorian Londoners via the capital’s Police Courts.

The Kensington Murder of 1894
Adam Wood examines the notorious slaying of Augusta Dawes in fashionable west London; was it the work of Jack the Ripper, leaving his usual East End haunts?

From the Archives: A Night in the Workhouse
The undercover article by social commentator James Greenwood, which caused an outcry in the treatment of London’s poor following its publication in 1866 in the Pall Mall Gazette.

Richard Jones’ Murder Casebook
The grim almanac opens in 1886, with an examination of the murder in Rock Ferry, Merseyside.

Tales From the Old Bailey
The murder of PC Ernest Thompson by Barnet Abrahams.



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